RTSS Past Programs


2016 NCLA RTSS Fall Workshop: New Directions in Technical Services
October 7, North Carolina A&T State University, Greensboro

Full program


Elizabeth Cramer and Andrea Leonard: "An Update: Introduction to BIBFRAME and Linked Data"

Angela Dresselhaus and Christine Fischer: "Watch This! Including Streaming Video in Our Collections"

Lynda Kellam and Anna Craft: "Supporting Research Data: Public and Technical Services Collaboration"

Cindy Shirkey and Lisa Barricella, "OERs and Alt-Texts in Tech Services: How to Get the Job Done"

Beth Bernhardt: "OERs and Alt-Texts in Tech Services: How to Get the Job Done"



2010 NCLA RTSS Fall Workshop: Navigating the New Frontier
September 30, UNC Greensboro


NCLA-RTSS Workshop Program


The New Information Landscape: Technical Services Futures (ppt)
Bradford Eden, AUL for Technical Services & Scholarly Communications
UC Santa Barbara


Beyond Books: Cataloging Non-Print Resources (ppt)
Rachel Holderied, Lynne Brisko
Pioneering E-book Reader Lending at a Public Library, University Library, and Community College Library -- Part 1 (ppt), Part 2 (ppt), Part 3 (pdf)
David Woodbury, Kimberley Balcos, Ruth Ann Copley
User-Centered Collection Development: Purchase On-Demand -- Part 1 (ppt), Part 2 (ppt), Part 3 (pdf)
James Harper, Christine Fischer, William Gee
Community Analysis for Public Librarians
Patrick Valentine
Open Journal Systems (OJS): An Open-Source Software for Publishing Electronic Journals, Newsletters, & Serials (ppt)
Stephen Dew
Recycle, Repair, or Rebind: Diagnosing Damaged Books
Krisan Gregson
Technical Services Today: "Living with the New Normal" -- Part 1 (ppt), Part 2 (ppt), Part 3 (ppt)
Mary Rose Adkins, Gloria Kelly, Linda Raymond
Making E-Resources Accessible from the Catalog (ppt)
Yan Wang




2008 NCLA RTSS Spring Workshop: Living on a New Frontier!
May 22, Wake Technical Community College

NCLA-RTSS Workshop Program

Next Generation Cataloging Standards: RDA + FRBR, Erin Stalberg (ppt)

UNC System Pilot Institutional Repository Overview, Rob Wolf (ppt)

Promotional Plans for an Institutional Repository, Stephen Dew (ppt)

Title Source 3, Gardner Cobb (ppt)



2006 NCLA RTSS Spring Workshop: Moving to a New Frontier!
May 30, Elon University

Program Descriptions

The Web in Our Libraries and Catalogs, Alan Scherlen (ppt)

Bao-Chu Chang (ppt)




2004 NCLA Centennial Conference/SELA Biennial Conference

Programs Summaries by Audrey Fenner




Serials Cataloging Cooperative Training Program Workshop



2000 RTSS & CUS Workshop

The License Process: We Promised to Do What?

Breakout Session: "Routes Through the Maze: Dealing With Overlapping Access to Electronic Information"

Breakout Session: "Running the Rapids:  After the License is Signed"



1999 NCLA Biennial Conference

Managing Electronic Resources by John Webb