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NCLA STEM Librarianship in NC (STEM-LINC) Bylaws


The name of this organization shall be STEM Librarianship in North Carolina or STEM-LINC, a round table of the North Carolina Library Association.


The objectives of this organization shall be (a) to unite members of the North Carolina Library Association interested in science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics (STEM) librarianship, (b) to encourage participation in STEM librarianship, (c) to provide an opportunity for education, training, and exchange of information in STEM librarianship, and (d) to seek to fulfill the objectives of the North Carolina Library Association.


Members of the North Carolina Library Association who state a preference for this Round Table at the time of payment of dues shall become members.


Section 1.  The officers of this organization, known as the Executive Board, shall be: Chair, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, a Secretary-Treasurer, and up to five members-at-large to represent the interests of college and university libraries, community college libraries, public libraries, special libraries, and school libraries. Most commonly there shall be fewer than five Board-members-at-large, there being too few representatives of the interest communities to nominate a delegate (as clarified below).

Section 2.  Officers shall be elected biennially and shall serve for a two-year term (the Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect being automatically moved to the position of Chair), or until their successors are elected and have assumed their duties.

Section 3. When no willing nominees from one or more of the five communities of interest represented by the executive board members-at-large are available, there shall be fewer members-at-large, to a minimum of zero.

Representatives may not be elected from a community of interest they are not working in. However, if a member-at-large changes jobs to another community of interest during a term, he or she may serve out that term of representation for the community for which he or she was elected.



The Executive Committee shall consist of the Executive Board and the immediate past Chair.  The Executive Committee has general supervision of the affairs of the Round Table and shall have the power to act for the Round Table on administrative business.  The Executive Committee will appoint the Round Table’s representative to the Editorial Board of North Carolina Libraries.  A quorum for the transaction of business shall consist of a majority of the current Executive Committee, including the Chair or a designated substitute.  The Executive Committee shall meet at least twice a year.



Section 1.  Business meetings shall be held no less than biennially, as Round Table meetings of the North Carolina Library Association.

Section 2.  Special meetings may be called at the direction of the Chair, the Executive Committee, or upon written request.

Section 3.  A quorum for the transaction of the business of this Round Table shall consist of those present.



Section 1.  The Chair shall appoint a Committee on Nominations, generally led by the immediate past Chair, who will present a slate of candidates for each elective office, consent being secured form the nominees.  Any member or members of the Round Table may present a candidate or candidates for the elective offices of this Round Table provided (1) that they notify the Chair or nominating committee chair (generally the immediate past Chair) of the Round Table of such action in writing, (2) that the consent of the nominees has been secured and so indicated on the notification, (3) the nominating petition be received by the Chair 10 weeks prior to the meeting for inclusion in the e-mail ballot.

Section 2.  An e-mail ballot will be sent to all members at least six weeks prior to the NCLA biennial conference.  The return deadline shall be two weeks prior to the biennial conference.  A majority of returned ballots shall constitute an election.



Section 1. The Chair shall serve as Chair of the Executive Committee, and shall fulfill all duties expected by NCLA. The Chair shall, with the Executive Committee, appoint such committees and define their duties as may be necessary to carry on the work of the Round Table.

Section 2. The Chair of the Round Table shall serve as ex officio member on all committees with the exception of the nominating committee.

Section 3. The Vice Chair shall assume the responsibilities and perform the duties of the Chair in the event of absence, death, disability or resignation.

Section 4. New committees may be created and old committees discontinued by the Executive Committee provided that such action is not contrary to the wishes of the membership of this Round Table as expressed at the most recent meeting of the Round Table.

Section 5. The Secretary-Treasurer shall perform the duties normally accepted for such office.

Section 6. Members-at-large shall assist in planning Round Table events, advise the Executive Committee and other Round Table committees on the interests of their communities, and represent the section/round table in affiliated groups as appropriate.

Section 7. In the event of death, disability, or resignation of any member of the Executive Committee other than the Chair, the Executive Committee shall fill such a vacancy or vacancies by the appointment of member to fill the unexpired term. Absence from three consecutive meetings of any member of the Executive Committee shall be considered as a resignation from the Executive Committee.



Section 1. Committees may be established at any time by the Chair of the Round Table, or by request from the membership with the approval of the Executive Committee.

Section 2. The powers and duties of a committee shall be determined by the Chair with approval of the Executive Committee.

Section 3. Committees shall maintain records of their proceedings and shall report on their activities at the biennial meeting and at such other times as they may be directed to do so by the Chair.



Section 1. Parliamentary authority for this Round Table shall be Robert's Rules of Order, latest edition.

Section 2. Nothing in these bylaws shall conflict with the Constitution and Bylaws of the North Carolina Library Association.



Amendments to these bylaws may be proposed in writing by any member of the organization. Proposals shall be sent to the Executive Committee for consideration and approval, or may be proposed or by a ballot signed by 25 percent of the membership. Notice of the proposed revision must be sent to members at least 30 days prior to a formally-scheduled business meeting. A majority vote of the Round Table members attending and voting at the relevant business meeting is required for passage of the revision.

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