What is the NCLPA?


Shelver to supervisor; gracious volunteer to paid staff; new hire to lifelong Friend of the Library; part-time, full-time, or "all on your own time" library supporter: The NCLPA provides the microphone for your voice. The NCLPA roundtable consists of NCLA members actively involved, providing service in our state's public, private, and academic libraries.

Most of our members are library support staff, but MLS and MLIS librarians who promote the advancement of paraprofessionals in the workplace are joining us. Workforce diversity is reflected through the elected officers and appointed committee members on the NCLPA Executive Board.

Serving on the current Board are two librarians, an office manager, local library branch managers, cataloging technician, library retiree, community college instructor, and management information systems specialist to name several.

The NCLA and NCLPA are linked in a collaborative venture to promote understanding within the library community and are dedicated to...

  • Encouraging discussion, activities, and programs supporting the mutual interests of the NCLPA and NCLA;
  • Advocating the recognition and development of paraprofessionals as important and vital members of the library workforce;
  • Providing a forum for paraprofessionals to share ideas and to identify common needs and goals;
  • Stimulating NCLA to be even more responsive to paraprofessional interests;
  • Maintaining a cooperative and supportive relationship among paraprofessionals and other library staff.

What Can Membership in NCLPA Do for You?

Member Benefits

Workshops at Member Rates
Biennial Conference at Member Rates
Conference Scholarship Opportunity
Individual Voting Rights
Members Google Group
Web Links to Library Information Sites

Membership in NCLA/NCLPA can help you by providing...

  • Current information on events of importance to libraries, librarians, and support staff
  • Regional Directors across the state to serve library paraprofessionals locally
  • Choice of 16 sections and roundtables to join
  • Networking with colleagues
  • Mentoring assistance in developing leadership skills within NCLPA
  • Online training
  • Reduced rates for continuing education programs, activities, workshops, and conferences
  • NCLA listserv membership

Updated Sept 2014