BLINC / NJ-LibsGrowBiz online discussion on community engagement: Jan. 16, 2019

NJ-LibsGrowBiz is a new group of mostly public librarians that reached out to BLINC recently. The two groups decided to do an online workshop together. The agenda features two examples of proactive community engagement, including the excellent work of Kassie Ettefagh and John Raynor from High Point Public Library. They (and the speaker from NJ) are gaining national attention for their work (see article links below).


Non-BLINC NCLA friends interested in community engagement are welcome to join us, although to keep the number of participants manageable, we would like to limit non-BLINC participants to no more then 10. So please let me know if you are interested, and I'll send you the WebEx URL separately next month. 


Thank you! Happy holidays to all.  --Steve Cramer, smcramer [at] uncg [dot] edu 


BLINC/NJ-LibsGrowBiz online workshop: Wed. Jan. 16, 1:30-3:00pm

Please join us for discussions and presentations from two state-wide business librarian groups: NJLibsGrowBiz and BLINC (Business Librarianship in North Carolina). We will feature two successful examples of public libraries proactively engaging with local businesses, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and economic development partners, with ample time for Q&A. We will also compare notes on our two organizations and hopefully learn from each other.
1.    Set up, logging in, tech issues, etc. (5 minutes)
2.    Introductions (5 minutes)
3.    Summaries of statewide initiatives and resources in NC and NJ, and introductions to our respective groups (20 minutes)
4.    High Point (NC) Library presentation: Kassie Ettefagh and John Raynor on their embedded engagement with local businesses and nonprofits, the city, and economic development groups. (15 minutes including Q&A)
5.    Burlington County (NJ) Library System presentation: Joan Divor on her embedded engagement with her county’s entrepreneurship eco-system (15 minutes including Q&A)
6.    General discussion, sharing, and Q&A (remaining time)
More on Kassie and John’s work:
More on Joan Divor’s work:
We will meet via WebEx. Participants can ask questions and contribute via text chat or microphones (optional). WebEx URL to come. Not sure yet if we will record this.


Wednesday, January 16, 2019 - 1:30pm - 3:00pm
Location Information: