General Information

A section represents a type of library, or field of activity, or field of librarianship clearly distinct from that of other sections. Sections may be organized by application, signed by 100 voting members of the Association, and approved by the Executive Board. Sections have their own budgets. They receive $5 from each NCLA member who joins the section, and may charge fees for events and programs. Sections often have their own committees for programming and other activities.


Sections may be organized upon petition of 100 members of the Association.

Membership in NCLA includes membership in one section. Additional sections may be joined upon payment of an additional fee.

Sections may be discontinued by the NCLA Executive Board when in its opinion the usefulness of that section has ceased. For active sections, a majority vote of the members is required prior to the Executive Board’s action.

Each section elects officers (chair, chair-elect, secretary, etc.) to serve for one term, or the officers may be appointed by the President.

Each section may adopt its own bylaws, which are not to conflict with Constitution and Bylaws of NCLA.

Funds are allocated for sections in the Association budget and are available from the Treasurer.

Sections may charge fees for their own purposes.

All monies are to be channeled through the NCLA Treasurer.

Duties of Section Chairs:

  • To serve as a voting member of the NCLA Executive Board.
  • plan and conduct meetings of the section Executive Committee.
  • appoint a section editor for North Carolina Libraries.
  • To appoint a Nominating Committee and other committees within the section as necessary.
  • To provide for workshops, programs, etc., at the biennial conference and at other times as appropriate.
  • To preside at the business meeting of the section at the biennial conference.
  • To represent the section in affiliated groups as appropriate.
  • To inform the Constitution, Codes, and Handbook Revision Committee of proposed changes in section bylaws.
  • To submit a biennial report to the President.
  • To arrange for transfer of records to succeeding chairperson and/or NCLA archives as appropriate.