NCLA Calendar






Conf. Year








Action or Deadline

Jan 1





New Treasurer office

(every four years)

Jan 1





Annual budget goes into effect

Jan 31





Honorary and Life membership nominations are submitted to the Executive Board

Feb 10





NCL deadline






Annual budget is prepared

Apr 1





Membership renewal deadline for members whose dues are in arrears

Apr 1





Deadline for petition candidates to submit 50 signatures to Chair on Committee on Nominations

May 1





Ballots mailed to voting members

May 10





NCL deadline

May 31 of conference year X      

Scholarship applications due

June 1





Deadline for return of ballots

Aug 10





NCL Deadline






Biennial Meeting.  All officers except Treasurer assume office

Nov 1





Deadline for Committee on Nominations to present slate of candidates for NCLA offices.  In alternate biennial elections two candidates for ALA Councilor shall be included.

Nov1-Apr 1





List of nominees published in NCL

Nov 10





NCL deadline


Note:  This calendar includes only those dates which are not subject to change.  Refer to appropriate documentation for additional dates and deadlines.


Bulk Mailing

NCLA has a Bulk Mail Account with the USPS for mailing of the Tar Heel Libraries Newsletter, North Carolina Libraries Journals, and other mailings to membership as needed.To use the bulk mail service the mailing must contain a minimum of 250 pieces. USPS has specific preparation and arrangement requirements for using Bulk Mail.

NCL and THL are both mailed using CES Mailing Service (Raleigh, NC). This service prepares the mailing according to USPS requirements for bulk mail. NCLA pays CES for this service.

CES Mailing Service charges a min. of $100 to prepare all mail jobs. In most cases this will cover all costs associated with regular mailings -costs for larger mailed items such as THL or NCL are usually higher.

NOTE: The NCLA office will not prepare or present bulk mail to the USPS directly. If Sections or Round Tables wish to prepare their own mailings using labels they can obtain the instructions for preparation from the NCLA office and present the completed Mail Job to the Bulk Mail Service Center, (near the airport), Raleigh, NC.

Mailing Jobs less than 250 pieces:

The NCLA office will assist in preparing mailings less than 250 pieces. Each piece is charged regular First Class Postage and is stamped in the NCLA Office. Please allow 10 days for the preparation of all mail jobs to your schedule for getting your piece mailed out. Sections/Round Tables can prepare the mailing and deliver completed envelopes to the NCLA office to affix the postage.

NCLA Electronic Discussion Group

NCLA members have access to a listserv (NCLA-L) that keeps them informed of upcoming events, issues of importance to the profession, and news about the association.

The listserv is restricted to NCLA members.

To opt out of the listserv, email nclaonline [at] ibibilo [dot] org.

To post a message to the listserv, address it to:

               nclalistserv [at] gmail [dot] com

Please allow time for moderation.