North Carolina Libraries Editorial Board


North Carolina Libraries (NCL) has been published continuously since 1942 as the official publication of the North Carolina Library Association.  It is provided to members of NCLA and is available to non-members on a subscription basis.  Financing is from Association funds supplemented by advertising revenue. Tar Heel Libraries has been provided to members of NCLA since spring 1980 as the result of a relationship with the Division of State Library approved by the NCLA Executive Board. These two publications coordinate efforts to bring news of interest to members of the Association and others. The Tar Heel Libraries mailing list is maintained by NCLA.

North Carolina Libraries Editorial Board


  • Editor (appointed by NCIA President each biennium, with concurrence of NCIA Executive Board)
  • Associate Editors (two, appointed by the editor)
  • ertising Manager (appointed by the editor)
  • Book Review Editor (appointed by the edito
  • Indexer (appointed by the editor)
  • Research Editor (appointed by the editor)
  • tion and Round Table Editors (appointed every biennium by each section or round table)
  • State Library Representative (appointed by State Librarian)

Specific Functions:


  • Responsible for all phases of operation and publication.
  • Responsible for final selection of material published.
  • Reports to NCLA Executive Board on general program for NCL.
  • Seeks assistance and suggestions from NCLA Executive Board and the membership as a whole.
  • Serves as voting member of NCLA Executive Board.

Associate Editors

  • Provide assistance to the editor.
  • Serve as guest managing editors for issues as assigned by the editor.
  • Assist in jury process for manuscripts submitted for publication.
  • Report directly to the editor.

NCL Editorial Board

Advertising Manager

  • Solicits advertisements from appropriate sources.
  • Maintains appropriate records.
  • Provides advertising copy to the editor on timely schedule.
  • Reports directly to the editor.

Book Review Editor

  • Responsible for selecting books and reviewers for "North Carolina Books" column.
  • Compiles reviews and provides copy to the editor on timely schedule.
  • Reports directly to the editor.


  • Provides final copy of index to the editor prior to publication of final issue of volume.
  • Indexes NCL on continuous basis.
  • Re:ports directly to the editor.

Research Editor

  • Responsible for preparation of "Library Research in North Carolina" column.
  • Reports directly to the editor.

Section and Round Table Editors

  • Represent section or round table on NCL Editorial Board.
  • Represent NCL to section or round table.
  • Solicit and provide initial review of manuscripts to be published in NCL.
  • Review manuscripts as requested by the editor, providing recommendation and review on timely basis.
  • Attend NCL Editorial Board meetings regularly.
  • Serve as guest editors of issues or special sections of articles as requested by the editor.