Non-codified policies adopted by the Executive Board

B. Non-Codified Policies Adopted by the NCLA Executive Board


  1. The membership list shall be made available for purchase at a price to be established by the Executive Board.
  2. No more than 25 "special" memberships in NCLA may be given each biennium to congressional and state officials as recommended by the Public Policy Committee and the NCLA President.
  3. A benefit for NCLA membership is that current members of the Association pay lower registration fees than non-members for all conferences, workshops, seminars, symposia, and other events sponsored or co-sponsored by the Association and its committees, sections, and round tables.  The difference in fees shall be as follows: If the member registration fee is $25 or less, the non-member registration fee shall be at least double the member fee.  If the member fee is greater than $25, the non-member registration fee shall be at least $25 higher than the member fee.
  4. Individuals joining the Association for the first time will receive free membership in the New Members Round Table for each of the first two years of paid membership in the Association. The Association will contribute [$3.00] per free NMRT membership to NMRT for its activities. Each new NCLA member may select any of the other sections or round tables as the membership included with NCLA membership. Membership in NMRT will continue to be an option at renewal for members meeting eligibility criteria.
  5. Students can join NCLA through the ALA joint membership plan.  The plan provides a student with membership in ALA and NCLA for $25.00.  Half of membership fee [$12.50] is given to NCLA for the student’s membership.



  1. The North Carolina Library Association shall operate under an annual budget.
  2. Sections and round tables shall receive a flat amount for each person who joins the section or round table. This amount shall be deducted from the member's dues, with the remaining dues going to the Association. This amount shall be set at $5.00.
  3. All requests for funding shall be referred to the Finance Committee for a financial analysis upon which the Executive Board may take action.
  4. Checking and savings accounts for any NCLA funds may be opened only by Executive Board authority.  [Sections and Round Tables may not maintain independent accounts.] Checking and savings accounts existing when these policies and procedures are adopted must also be reported to the Board. Likewise any loans made to or leases entered into on behalf of any part of NCLA must be approved by the Executive Board.
  5. The Association should maintain an unrestricted reserve fund equal to at least ten percent of annual operating expenses.
  6. A comprehensive audit of all committees and sections] will be included in the NCLA audit.
  7. In the budget planning cycle following each biennial Conference the Finance Committee shall make a recommendation for the allocation of the conference net funds, to include a Conference start-up reserve.
  8. Books for the conference financial report shall be closed by the end of the second quarter of the year following the conference.
  9. In the event that the Executive Board dissolves a section or rountable, any remaining funds assigned to that section or roundtable will be deposited into the NCLA Unrestricted Endowment Fund before the next meeting of the Board.

Refund Policy

NCLA Biennial Conference

  1. Cancellations and No-shows.  The NCLA Executive Board will honor requests for refunds received in writing one week prior to the conference.  NCLA will deduct a percentage of the registration fee for administrative processing costs.  The refund will be made within six weeks after the conference has ended.  The request should be sent to the NCLA Administrative Assistant.        Requests for refunds received less than one week before the conference will not be honored.
  2. Cancellation of Conference Due to Inclement Weather.  In the event of inclement weather or a natural disaster, NCLA may have to cancel the conference or a conference sponsored event.  All registrants and speakers will be notified via e-mail and a notice to this effect will be posted on the NCLA website. A full refund will be made in the event that the NCLA conference is cancelled.  If an NCLA sponsored event is cancelled where there is separate fee, the refund would for the separate fee.
  3. Individual Cancellation Due to Inclement Weather.   Individuals requesting a refund due their individual weather circumstances should submit their request to the NCLA Administrative Assistant within one week of the conference.  The NCLA Executive Board will make a decision concerning the request.  The request is subject to an administrative processing fee.
  4. Cancellation Due to the Lack of Participation.   The NCLA Planning Committee reserves the right to cancel the conference or a conference sponsored event in the event the conference/workshop does not meet minimum registration requirements.  A full refund will be given.
  5. NCLA encourages registrants who are unable to attend a conference/workshop to substitute another person whenever possible.
  6. The refund statement and inclement weather policy shall appear on all notices for the conference.
  7. Exceptions to the refund policy can be made by the President in consultation with the Executive Board.

Refund Policy for Roundtable/Sections

Each roundtable/section should establish a refund policy for their events.  The refund date may be established by the sponsoring group based on their fiscal commitments, but the refund date shall be at least one week prior to the event.  The section or roundtable may deduct a percentage of the conference/workshop registration fee from the refund as an administrative processing fee.  The refund will be made within six weeks after the conference/workshop date.  The refund statement shall appear on all registrations forms.  An inclement weather policy shall appear on all notices for programs indicating the refund policy and/or if a program will be rescheduled.


  1. The Webmaster] shall maintain a calendar of meetings and other events scheduled by NCLA groups. Executive Board members are encouraged to utilize this calendar to avoid scheduling conflicts.
  2. All publications of the Association shall use the official logo/letterhead whenever possible.
  3.  Alkaline permanent paper shall be used by NCLA for all its publications and documentation.


  1. The NCLA shall schedule conferences at times that do not conflict with religious holidays.
  2. Upon prior approval of the Conference Committee, the Biennial Conference will pay the costs of meeting rooms and audiovisual equipment rental (including telephone lines and computers) and security. [minutes of 7/21/2000 board meeting – printed in Fall 2000 North Carolina Libraries]



The NCLA does not discriminate based on race, origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, creed or disability, and therefore will not enter into contract with any person or organization that discriminates. This policy will be made explicit in all contracts between the North Carolina Library Association or its representatives and any person and/or organization for the use of space and facilities for NCLA-sponsored events. If discrimination is proved on the part of any person or organization that has a contract with NCLA, the contract will be considered null and void.

Use of Name

No person or organization(s) may use the name of the North Carolina Library Association without prior consent in writing of the NCLA President, acting on behalf of the NCLA Executive Board.

Conflict of Interest Policy

All members of the Executive Board of the North Carolina Library Association shall avoid conflicts of interest and the appearance of impropriety with respect to Association business.  Should instances arise where a conflict may be perceived, any individual who may benefit directly or indirectly from the Association's disbursement of funds shall abstain from participating in any decisions or deliberations made by the Board regarding the disbursement of funds. [Adopted by the Executive Board October 20, 2005