Library Associate (Part-time w/Benefits)

High Point Public Library
Location (City, State): 
High Point, NC

Library Associate (Part-time w/Benefits)

Salary $13.78 Hourly
Location 901 N Main St High Point, NC 27260
Job Type Part-time w/Benefits
Department Library Research-General Services Division
Job Number 3664
Closing 3/31/2017 5:00 PM Eastern

Occupational Summary
Performs responsible para-professional work in the Public Library providing computer assistance, reference service, and related activities in the Public Computing Center of the Research Services Division; does related work as assigned.

Work is performed under the regular supervision of the professional librarian/unit supervisor.

"See resume" is not an acceptable answer to any question. Resumes may be uploaded as a supplement to the online application. Resumes are not accepted in lieu of application and/or the Work History section.

*Applicant must upload a Cover Letter and Resume with Application.

Essential Tasks
Provides computer assistance and reference service to the public, which involves communicating in person or on the telephone;
Assists the public to use software and computer equipment provided in the Public Computing Center;
Monitors equipment and reports any problems to the supervisor;
Takes responsibility for daily operation of Public Computing Center in conjunction with other unit staff members;
Assists the unit supervisor in planning and presenting training for the public and library staff as requested;
Maintains knowledge of and proficiency in use of current and emerging computer software and equipment;
Accepts cash, check and credit card payments for copies and faxes;
Ensures that all work is performed in accordance with OSHA and City Safety Standards and Policies.
1) Minimum Reasoning ability associated with this classification:
Ability to apply principles of logical thinking to perform tasks and reply to requests made by supervisor, other employees, or members of the general public; to comprehend and respond to a variety of situations in an expedient manner. Must interpret information and relate to library customers so good judgment is essential.

2) Minimum Math ability usually associated with this classification:
Using Arithmetic: Ability to use arithmetic to the extent used in compiling statistics related to use of the Public Computing Center; and to answer questions from library customers. Count correct changes for payments.

3) Minimum Language ability usually associated with this classification:
Read: Ability to read books, manuals, instructions, directions, computer-displayed information, periodicals, and other documents relating to the job.
Write: Ability to write names, addresses, figures, telephone numbers, information given in person or over the telephone, reports, and training programs.
Speak: Ability to be conversant in voice and diction so as to participate in discussions with supervisor, other employees, and the general public in person and by telephone.

4) Amount of Training, either on-the-job or formal education, usually associated with this occupation in addition to the Reasoning, Math, and Language detailed above:
On-the-job training approximately two weeks.

Position requires:
Formal education, which includes completion of an undergraduate degree in liberal arts studies.
Training and experience in the use computers, word processing, database management, and other computer software.
5) Degree of Physical Demands (Strength) usually associated with this classification:
Light Work: Exerting up to 20 pounds of force occasionally, and/or up to 10 pounds of force frequently, and/or a negligible amount of force constantly to carry and/or move books and other research material. Work usually requires walking, standing, bending, stooping, reaching, lifting, pushing book carts, moving computer equipment, and climbing steps to a significant degree, however, the worker does sit on occasion.

6) Type of Physical Demands usually associated with this classification:
Reaching, Handling, and Fingering: (Reaching – Extending the hand(s) and arm(s) in any direction, but normally to the front or side.) (Handling – Seizing, holding, grasping, turning, or otherwise working with hand or hands (fingering not involved). (Fingering – Picking, pinching, or otherwise working with fingers primarily (rather than the whole hand or arm as in handling).
Employee must reach to answer telephone, work with computer equipment, etc. Handles books, materials, cards, various forms, documents, files, pencils, pens, etc. requiring use of hands and fingers.
Talking and/or Hearing: (Talking – Expressing or exchanging ideas by means of spoken word). (Hearing – Perceiving nature of sounds by ear).
This is a public contact position so it is necessary for this person to be able to communicate with people in person and over the telephone.
Seeing: The ability to perceive the nature of objects by the eye. Recommended guidelines for vision are:
1. Acuity, far – Clarity of vision at 20 feet or more. Both eyes 20/25 – R 20/30 – L20/30 corrected
2. Acuity, near – Clarity of vision at 20 inches or less. Both eyes 20/25 corrected
3. Depth Perception – Three-dimensional vision. Ability to judge distance and space relationships so as to see objects where and as they actually are. Depth perception – 4
4. Field of Vision – Area that can be seen up and down or to right or left while eyes are fixed on a given point.
5. Accommodation – Adjustment of lens of eye to bring an object into sharp focus. This item is especially important when doing near-point work at varying distances from eye.
All five aspects are judged to be important in carrying out the essential functions of this job.

7) Environmental Conditions (Physical Surroundings) usually associated with this classification:
The worker is subject to Inside Environmental Conditions: Protection from weather conditions but not necessarily from temperature changes.

8) Environmental Conditions (Hazards) usually associated with this classification:
No environmental hazards indicated for this position.

9) Machines, Tools, Equipment, and Work Aids which may be representative, but not all inclusive, of those commonly associated with this type of work.
Typewriter, computer, FAX machine, printers, computer peripherals, scanner, photocopier, cash register, calculator, stapler, pen, pencils, books, catalogs, charts, forms, inventories, Personnel Resolution, manuals, paper clips, cards, card files, telephone and directory.
Special Requirements
Applicant must upload a Cover Letter and Resume with Application.
Must have valid appropriate driver's license issued by the State of North Carolina.
Must be able to relate to and communicate effectively with the public, other employees, and supervisors to maintain a positive customer service and work environment.
Must have good listening skills.
Must be able to follow written and oral instructions.
Must have and maintain thorough knowledge of current computer software.
Must be able to work flexible hours, including nights and weekends.
Public library experience and some retail experience preferred.