#MyNCLibrary Advocacy Campaign


#MyNCLibrary: 5 Day Challenge

National Library Week

April 14-18, 2014


                      1. To communicate the value of the library

                      2. To get patrons more involved in library advocacy in a fun and meaningful way

                      3. To produce content to be given to legislators during National Library Legislative Day


           5 fun patron challenges and 1 library faculty/staff challenge using physical and social media that produce results, which can be used in advocacy to convey the value of the library

Each day has a challenge or activity via:

Pen and Paper




                            Those who submit entries for all 5 days will be entered into a drawing for a $50 or $25 giftcard to Amazon or Barnes & Noble!

                            All paper submissions and electronic submissions with #MyNCLibrary will be collected to be used to create infographics, collages, etc.


The Challenges


Monday: To kick off the 5 day challenge, tell us what you use the library for.


Tuesday: We've all got a story to tell.  Share it with us!  Tell us a story about how a librarian has helped you or influenced your life.

Library Challenge: Today's the day!  You know how no one understands what we do in a given day?  Now's our chance to share.


Wednesday: Romance, mystery, fantasy, magazines, graphic novels - it's all fair game!

Let us know what you're reading.  Not a big reader? 

Tell us what technology you use at the library.


 Thursday: Selfie day!  You know you want to.  Have you always wanted to take a selfie without being judged?  Are you a selfie expert?  Well this is the challenge for you! Snap a photo and in the comments, tell us your favorite thing about your library or just simply why you love it.


Friday: It's the final day and SURPRISE, you've been gifted a library genie.  Anything you want for your library is yours.  Tell us what it is and include #MyNCLibrary so we can see what you wish for!



We want this week to be incredibly successful, so we have everything you need. 

(Click on each challenge description above to download the paper and pen activity template)


How to execute the #MyNCLibrary campaign

Social Media Advertising - Photo ad to post to social media accounts (drag to desktop to save image)

#MyNCLibrary Flyer - Print and post to advertise #MyNCLibrary

Patron Challenge Instructions (paper activity) - Instructions to print and hand to patrons that explain each day's task

Patron Challenge Instructions (social media activity) - Instructions to print and hand to patrons that explain each day's task

Library Challenge Instructions - Instructions for the Tuesday library challenge

Grand Prizes Drawing Entry Slips - If patrons participate in all 5 days, enter their name into the drawing

Consent Form - Print and have every participant sign

Why Participate in #MyNCLibrary - A one page explanation of what #MyNCLibrary is and the benefits


* Please note: Only non-library faculty or staff are eligible *

**If your library or media center is not open due to Spring Break, you may participate the week after the official event.  Unfortunately, your participants may not be entered into the drawing for the prizes.

**Due to Good Friday, participants for paper challenges may do both the Thursday and Friday activity on Thursday and social media participants may remotely complete the challenges as scheduled.

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