Social Media Hacks: Tips & Conversation for Enhancing Social Media Use in Libraries

This session will help library staff enhance the social media they are already using. We will cover five elements of social media: practical applications; policies; gaining visibility; analyzing engagement; and resources beyond Facebook and Twitter.  

We will start with practical aspects of using Facebook and Twitter, including how we use them in our academic and public library settings. This will include topics like sharing social media duties and creating a succession plan for those duties. 

The policy discussion will cover the development and use of a social media policy. We will also address the challenges of having a personal and professional social media account. Finally, we will talk about archiving social media posts as mandated by state law. 

Visibility is one of the biggest issues in social media and that discussion will include advertisements, interacting with followers, and the social media activities of the libraries in Ferguson and Baltimore. 

Engagement means little these days if you can’t measure it. We will talk about how to monitor raw numbers, such as number of followers and page views, as well as patron interaction with our social media posts, and illustrate ways to improve interaction.  Finally, we will talk about social media sites we use in addition to Facebook and Twitter, such as Meetup, Instagram, Hootsuite, and Storify.    

This session will start with a discussion by the moderators and will be followed by small group discussion on topics of interest, with time to report back to the whole group. 

CogSciLibrarian's picture
Stephanie Willen Brown
director, Park Library
the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
mclobridge's picture
Matthew Clobridge
Library Webmaster
Durham County Library
iferlohmann's picture
Jennifer Lohmann
Adult Services Manager
Durham County Library, Southwest Regional
Session Time Slot(s): 
Tue., Oct. 20, 01:30pm-Tue., Oct. 20, 04:30pm
Auditorium II
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