*REMCO Author Luncheon* The Joys and Pains of Publishing: One Author’s Journey

When first-time author Alan R. Bailey was offered a book contract, he was beyond elated. However, before the book was released, he felt overwhelmed, confused, frustrated, discouraged, angry, and inadequate before the feeling of excitement returned and was joined by feelings of pride, accomplishment, and success. Join Professor Bailey as he chronicles his publishing journey, one filled with both joys and pains, and shares valuable lessons learned along the way.

Alan R. Bailey is the author of Building a Core Print Collection for Preschoolers (published by ALA Editions) and serves as Associate Professor and Head of the Teaching Resources Center at East Carolina University’s J.Y. Joyner Library.

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Alan Bailey
Associate Professor & Head of Services
Teaching Resources Center, J.Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University
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Wed., Oct. 21, 12:15pm-Wed., Oct. 21, 01:30pm
Grandover East
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