Geek the Teach: Enhancing Basic Trainer Skills to Create Dynamic Facilitators/APPLYING BASIC TRAINING PRINCIPLES


This experiential half-day preconference session is a refresher for experienced trainers and an opportunity for beginning trainers to apply the fundamentals of adult learning.

Building the Barn one Wall at a Time: Applying Basic Training Principles
In this half-day session, participants will work collaboratively in groups to develop a sample training session that incorporates and applies basic training design principles, accommodates different learning styles, focuses on appropriate goals and learning objectives, maximizes audience engagement, and includes strategies for evaluation.  This workshop is led by a team of experienced North Carolina Master Trainers who will facilitate an afternoon of active, participatory learning, including breakout groups with hands-on practice to create, develop, and finalize effective training sessions.

Come ready to learn, collaborate, and practice effective and engaging training techniques with a supportive community of novice and veteran trainers!

There is no registration fee to attend this preconference session; this program requires a minimum of 10 registrations by October 12th. 

kellybrannock's picture
Kelly Brannock
Continuing Education Consultant
State Library of NC
tiffany.hayes's picture
Tiffany Hayes
Library Training Coordinator
Cumberland County Public Library & Information Center
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Jason Rogers
Library Manager
Wake County Public Library
Suvanida's picture
Suvanida Duangudom
Campus Librarian
Wake Technical Community College, Northern Wake Campus
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Luba Sawczyn
Manager, Graham Public Library
Alamance County Public Libraries
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Tue., Oct. 20, 01:30pm-Tue., Oct. 20, 04:30pm
Augusta B
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