Early Literacy Outreach - Taking "Every Child Ready to Read" to Childcare Providers

This workshop takes participants from starting their own Early Literacy Outreach program to a full Every Child Ready to Read training session with outreach specialist Kayla Lavigne. The first hour focuses on the Early Literacy Outreach program made possible by an LSTA grant. Siobhan Loendorf, the grant administrator, will talk about the experience from writing the grant to evaluation of the program. Topics to be covered are grant writing, finding partnerships, performance measurement and lessons learned. The remainder of the workshop will be dedicated to teaching about the Every Child Ready to Read program; exploring its history, purpose and impact to early literacy. This is an interactive, fun presentation geared at teaching the five principles of the Every Child Ready to Read program. During the final hour of the program participants will break out into groups to explore a variety of materials that can be used as tools for early literacy. At the end of the breakout session all ideas will be captured so they may be shared via email with participants and posted to the conference website.

sloendorf's picture
Siobhan Loendorf
Assistant Library Director
Catawba County Library
Kayla Lavigne
Early Literacy Outreach Specialist
Catawba County Library
April Green
Youth Services Librarian
Catawba County Library
Session Time Slot(s): 
Tue., Oct. 20, 01:30pm-Tue., Oct. 20, 04:30pm
Auditorium III
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