Accessible Library Web Content: A Hands-On Approach to Getting Started

The Community and Junior College Libraries Section (CJCLS) of NCLA and the North Carolina Community College Library Association (NCCCLA) invite library staff from all types of libraries to learn how to develop accessible library web content for their patrons. Realizing that some libraries may not have anyone on their campus or at their institution with expertise in the area of creating accessible web content, we will provide participants an opportunity to work with Morgan Steele, Director of Web and Creative Strategy at Central Carolina Community College, in a half-day pre-conference workshop. This workshop will offer practical tools and hands-on experience in evaluating library web content. Library staff attending this session should gain the confidence to face challenges as they strive to meet campus, state, and federal accessibility standards. In this hands-on workshop participants will:

  • Learn to recognize the basic features of accessible web content.
  • Evaluate a portion of their library’s web content for accessibility using freely available tools.
  • Acquire best practices for creating accessible LibGuides (version 2) and various types of library tutorials.
  • Review the Web Accessibility Checklist and begin developing a library accessibility plan.

By the end of this session, participants will gain new skills in order to help provide accessible library web content to their patrons.

Presenter Bio:
Morgan Steele is the Director of Web and Creative Strategy for Central Carolina Community College (CCCC). He has spent over ten years in the web industry with more than seven years embedded in the NC education system. His innovative creation of a CCCC multi-platform website, mobile application, and an award-winning logo, earned him recognition as the 2014-2015 CCCC “Staff Person of the Year.” Morgan is committed to simplicity and passionate about crafting clear, engaging, effective communications both online and off.

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Morgan Steele
Director of Web and Creative Strategy
Central Carolina Community College
Session Time Slot(s): 
Tue., Oct. 20, 01:30pm-Tue., Oct. 20, 04:30pm
Colony A
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